Thursday, September 18, 2008

Southport, North Carolina. Dogs for Adoption. Owner's Dying Wish.

There are ten dogs in Southport, NC who are in need of adoption very soon. Their human companion is dying of cancer, and it is his wish that the dogs find a forever home. The dogs were described as friendly and loving. They appear to be Shephard/Husky/ Malamute/ Collie mix type dogs. If you can help, please call Peter at (910) 269-4147. Here is the plea from those deeply involved in this case:

" We have no place for these dogs to go. Once they go to the vet for spay/neuter, they need to go into a new home.

If you are an animal rescue group and can take one dog, PLEASE, PLEASE DO.
We would be SO GRATEFUL. If you are an individual and can foster one dog, PLEASE DO!!! We can provide you with food. If you could please adopt one, there is no fee, but we ask that you sign an adoption agreement.
The dogs have lived together as a pack and some are shy, some outgoing, but all are loved dearly by their human.
If anyone can work with the more shy ones, please help them!!! "

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