Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cristina Perez. Judge Rules Against Animal Cruelty.

If you haven't heard of Judge Wapner and the People's Court, then maybe you are too young. He held the first people's court, back in the 1980s, not sure. However, you must be aware of the slew of similar courts on television nowadays where people consent to air their dirty laundry before a national audience and be legally exonerated or condemned, scolded or praised. I have often wondered what unique joy or satisfaction, or sense of vindication do some people get by participating in a very public mud slinging. Anyway, one such court is Judge Cristina Perez 's court, aptly name Cristina's Court. She's an immigrant to the United States, and worked her way up to a judge's educational and professional level. But, she's also a gem on a personal basis, coming to bat for animal welfare when she didn't have to. Cristina is a good example of how legal immigration continue to replenish our nation with exemplary individuals. Here is her ad against animal cruelty. If you want to know more about the judge, you can read up on her at her website:

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