Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Humane Society International. Dog Meat Trade. Philippines. A Call for Help. September 2008.

The dog meat trade, there is nothing more vile and cruel. How I wish there was something in dog meat that made it unpalatable, or even poisonous, to human consumption. Spreading rumor that dog meat can cause in infertility in women or impotency in men might not be scary enough to drive away those who are undiscerning and uncaring. If there was something deadly about dog meat, people would find a way around it, just like they did with the pufferfish ( fugu ) in Japan. And let me tell you this, it's not only dog meat but also cat meat. And the problem is prevalent not only in the Philippines, but also in other Asian countries like Korea and China. Imagining the capture, binding and transportation of dogs in cramped bamboo cages is already very offensive to our sensibilities, but to witness the butchering of a dog is horrifying. I know. I spent my childhood in the Philippines, and I have seen the butchery. What can a child do? Too young and scared, lacking in savior faire to stop the slaughter, he can close his eyes or run away to seek help. The sight and the sound of slaughter will never leave your psyche. I bet you have never had a heavier feeling in your heart as I had. I wouldn't wish it on anyone including my enemies. My hands are trembling over the keyboard as I type these words. I wish I was born a mature man; I could have intervened. If you can't help in person, then help those who are helping first hand. Donate to the Humane Society International, specifically towards the fund against the dog meat trade.



Julia Dunn said...

Hello! I am a correspondent for the Suburban Trends and am looking for a blog to do a story on. Would you be interested?

Chessbuff said...


you can email me at studentpilot57@yahoo.com. thanks.

glenisha said...

The majority of Filipinos do not agree with the consumption of dog meat. A growing fondness for man's best friend and an expanding pet-keeping culture have added to the disdain for this practice. But while the dog meat trade has been illegal since the passage of the Animal Welfare Act in 1998, a lack of strong penalties and enforcement has allowed the industry to flourish.

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