Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Philippines. Shaun. Rescued Cat Rehabilitated. Ready for Adoption.

At the end of July 2008, I wrote about a cat who was rescued from a miserable existence in a tunnel, stranded on a sidewalk along a busy road. His name was Shaun, and he has fully recovered from the pain and misery that enveloped his life back then. Here he is pictured at play in his foster mom's home, his fur now orange and bright, no longer grimy from exhaust fumes, sheltered and loved by the volunteers of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Shaun is up for adoption. So anyone interested should email PAWS at philpaws@yahoo.com

Here's a letter from Shaun:

" Hello, my name is Shaun.

You may not recognize me now so I'm sending my old photos way down below just to help you recall who I am. I myself don't want to remember how I ended up on that tiny shoulder in the Shaw Tunnel two months ago.

My rescuer from PAWS says I was severely dehydrated when she got me.

I'm still a bit scrawny but, hey, my ears are a lot cleaner now, and I really am quite a handsome fellow if you look at me closely.

I am currently staying at my foster mum's place where I am immensely enjoying lazy afternoons by my window "station". My foster mum says I shouldn't make myself too comfortable because someone will eventually adopt me and give me what she calls a "forever-home"

"Forever home" sounds nice. Whatever or wherever that is.

If you give me this "forever home", I promise to love you and keep you company even during the darkest episodes of your life. Abandonment is something I would not wish on anyone.. My next owner and I will have a relationship that's definitely for keeps.

Take that as a promise from a kitty who's been in a dark, scary tunnel.


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