Monday, September 29, 2008

Politics. Fareed Zakaria on McCain's VP Choice : Fundamentally Irresponsible.

Just as I have said before, McCain did not put " Country First " when he chose Sarah Palin---shooter of animals--- as his running mate. McCain pandered to the conservatives who had been lukewarm, until then, in their support for him. Palin effectively became his sop to them. Palin also doubled as McCain's rather simple-minded attempt to lure Hillary supporters to his side, believing that if he chose someone with the same body parts as Hillary, they will come. The vast differences between the two ladies in experience, intelligence, and political convictions meant nothing to McCain. If it's a woman, they will come. That's quite condescending to women. Lord have mercy on us if the Palin-McCain ticket wins. McCain would rather win an election than keep the country safe. McCain has acted selfishly and delusional. He deserves to lose big time.

CNN's Fareed Zakaria perspicaciously points out in a CNN interview why McCain's choice of Sarah Palin is fundamentally irresponsible. It behooves you to read Zakaria's arguments HERE

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Rimbaugh said...

Zakaria is an apologist/propagandist for the Islamic movement to dominate the world and suspend freedom of religion. Have you ever heard him criticise the intolerance of Islam in any major forum?