Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Politics. Sarah Palin Shoots Animals. Animal Cruelty by Sport. Anti-Choice and Anti-Life.

And we thought we were on the way to a national recovery ... until... the Pentecostal, pro-human life ( anti-choice ) but anti-animal life Sarah Palin showed up. She ain't no Hillary Clinton in experience and depth, and she ain't no change from what used to be ( Cheney ). I hoped that Hillary would win the democratic nomination, but when she lost I switched to John McCain. I thought McCain was doing well, and he didn't have to make any Hail Mary passes to win the White House. But, his choice of Palin made we wonder about his judgment. Is America's best interest served by this VP choice or has politics somehow manage to stay on top of national interest time and time again?

The choice of Palin was about ideology, and not meant for the good of our country. Most certainly, it was to appease the conservatives who have been lukewarm in their support for McCain. So, after all that " Country First " mantra, John, it was party first before country. You'd rather win an election than see the best possible people in the White House. But wait, there's more. You judged that Palin would be the lure to attract Hillary supporters to cross the line. So, are we to relate Palin with Hillary, see a connection and breath a sigh of relief? I think those Vietnamese guards beat you too much, John. That's like linking a dolphin with a tadpole. The only similarity this Palin has with Hillary are body parts. I have crossed party lines for you, John McCain, but not for Palin. Thanks to this mooseburger aficionado, I am a democrat once more. Talk about fixing something that wasn't broken in the first place.

John, listen to me. You don't want the White House. You're against drilling, but Palin is for it. You have and enjoy the company of many animals, but Palin loves to kill them. You claim to be a maverick, but you voted over 90% of the time with George W. Bush. Clearly, you don't know which direction to go. If you want to go nowhere, don't take the country with you.

Palin placed a bounty for every Alaskan wolf killed so that there will be more moose left to be hunted and shot. To increase the odds against the animals, Palin supported the aerial hunting of wild animals and argued with the Bush Administration that polar bears should not be on the endangered list. John, you are on the endangered list yourself. With your advanced age, a great deal of uncertainty will overshadow your term as a President. No doubt, Palin stands ready to take advantage. People are concerned. Don't you realize that Palin's appointment as your VP adds up to an early Christmas gift to Obama? Hello, wake up. This is not a Vietnamese guard speaking to you, but an American. Perhaps, with all the twists and turns in this election year, the good Lord has decided that Obama is really what is good for us at this point in history.

Sorry, John. I think you've made a grave mistake with Palin. Palin is the skunk in my garden party, and I am left with no good choices but to go with lesser evil. Some might argue that Obama isn't such a bad choice after all. He's young, well-educated, a family man, willing to make changes, and not extreme. No one challenges his decency. I am willing to give a decent man a chance.

Above all, I hate people who shoot animals.

Retiring Republican Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia on the GOP : "The Republican brand is so bad right now that if it were a dog food, they'd take it off the shelf."

Bear Photo by STEPHEN NOWERS / Anchorage Daily News

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air said...

She's sitting on a bear rug?? And what is that *thing* on the coffee table? Holy clarified butter, Batman!!!

I'm voting for Weedman.