Monday, April 27, 2009

New York City. ACC. Charlene Pedrolie. Tony Avella's Press Conference. ACC must Change. Fire Pedrolie.

It was a hot Sunday, but I wasn't complaining. I am just glad that those wintry days are behind us now. On the bus today, I noticed that not one person had a light jacket on. I am grateful for this series of hot days that began last Saturday. Anyway, people and their rescued dogs came in support of Council Member Tony Avella who held a press conference calling for a complete revamp of the ACC. This change includes dismissing Charlene Pedrolie , Executive Director with no shelter and medical experience at all. She is a business woman and a good example that success in business management does not necessarily mean success in shelter management. The ACC Board of Directors chose her after a long search, and so they share in the blame for the mess at ACC. What mess? Well, there is unbridled killing at ACC. The stats are skewed not to include healthy animals turned sick in counting cases of euthanasia. ACC counts only adoptable dogs that are put down. The result is a misleading impression that euthanasia is down at ACC. For more information on this matter, click on Pedrolie's name above. ACC means animal care & control, but at the moment there is more control than care. You can learn more about this issue by reading the post two entires below this one. Before I let you go, scroll down to the photo of a woman in a wheelchair. She's the owner of Angel, the collie who was euthanized four hours after arriving at the ACC system. The law requires a 72 hour holding period to allow owners to claim their lost dog. That's not acting responsibly. That's playing God, and it's possbile under Pedrolie's reign. Pedrolie's firing is long overdue.

New York City's City Hall in lower Manhattan

Laurie Bleier, Director Brooklyn Animal Foster Network

Some of the people who came in support

They speak for themselves

Supporters just outside City Hall's doors

Owner of the collie that was euthanized within four hours after arriving at ACC

A shelter dog and her human ; Enough is Enough

A shelter dog and a supporter

Yes, sweetie. Enough is enough. Pedrolie should leave ACC.

Pedrolie should go. NYC deserves a No-Kill shelter.


Anonymous said...

'No-kill shelter' sounds good, but in reality they are just warehouses where you will find the unwanted/unadoptable animals eke out a miserable existence till their death.

Cats and dogs living for years in cages?

That is the opposite of humane.

As far as the ACC, it's a mind-boggling operation. I don't think they have done too badly - certainly better then when the ASPCA did their job years ago (before jettisoning their contract with the city to kill unwanted animals because it was impinging on their donations.)

There's no easy answer - fire Pedrolie, and you could be trading the devil you know for the devil you don't know.

Chessbuff said...

Anon, thank you for commenting.

You've stretched the truth a little bit too far. A no-kill center does not mean cats and dogs living in cages for years. A no-kill center provides enough time for an animal to find a home. Yes, sometimes that takes several weeks or months, but they ultimately find homes. How do I know? I volunteer at a no-kill center in New Jersey. The system works if the shelter's mission is to shelter animals until homes are found. ACC, at the moment, is a callous and inhumane processing center.

This preference for the devil you know over the devil you don't know is a philosophy of discouragement. It's anti-progress. Change can make things better. And in ACC's case, it's imperative.

Anonymous said...

No-kill shelters are not what people think. Just because animals are not being euthanized there does not mean they are not shipped to another shelter eventually where someone else does the dirty work. Please do your homework before you make accusations like this.

Chessbuff said...

As I have said earlier, I volunteer at a shelter where we don't euthanize to make space. We do not ship our dogs to a kill center for them to do the dirty work. I don't believe that a shelter will take in dogs from another shelter just to perform euthanasia on them. Quite the opposite, we take in dogs from another shelter so that the dogs can escape euthanasia.