Friday, April 03, 2009

Wolves. Alaska. Poison Gas. Sarah Palin. Ashley Judd. Defenders of Wildlife. Our Natural Treasures Trashed.

Not withstanding the natural acrimony that accompanies any political office, the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, seems to be the most hated governor in the United States. Can you name another governor who has greater infamy or notoriety than Palin? Hands down, Palin was the laughingstock of the 2008 elections. Lord, did she make us laugh and cry at the same time--- dinosaurs in Egypt 4,000 years ago, reading all newspapers, what does a VP actually do, it’s all about job creation, the Bush Doctrine, Russia through her kitchen window, and other earth-shaking gaffes. Senator McCain intended Gov. Palin to be his Hail Mary pass against the Obama juggernaut but she quickly turned out to be his extreme unction.

The elections, like her national aspirations, are over but that doesn’t mean that she’s stopped stirring the pot and casting spells. The governor is still very much alive, riding on her broom over the Alaskan moon as wolves cry out to her for mercy. There have been 232 wolves killed this season alone ( 1,055 since 2003), and it’s not yet over. This is all part of the governor’s predator control program, the wolves being predators of the moose which the governor loves to shoot. The fewer predators there are, the more moose to shoot. Out of simple minds come simple equations.

Here is part of an interview with Ashley Judd and Roger Schlickeisen, President of the Defenders of Wildlife, on Larry King. It says Part 1, and I haven’t located Part 2 yet. I apologize to both Ashley and Roger for mentioning their names in the same breath as Palin’s. Neither insult nor malice was intended.

You will see how wonderful it is to have Ashley Judd onboard. Articulate and obviously well-informed on this and other related issues, Ashley Judd makes me suspend my judgment on the human race as the vilest and most flawed species ever to walk on Earth. Listening to Palin refer to the Defenders of Wildlife as a fringe and extreme group, I am reminded of Samuel Johnson’s lament that (I paraphrase) enlightened people are always under the unfair and ignorant judgment of their inferiors.

For those who think that I come down very heavy on the governor, I want you to know that under her aegis, Alaska’s Board of Game approved Proposal 190 which will allow the use of POISON GAS to snuff the lives out of wolf families in their dens, not only during the hunting season but throughout the year. That's sick and inhumane.

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