Monday, April 20, 2009

Michigan. Euthanasia Via Gas Chamber. Wrong. Obsolete. Inhumane.

Life became a little hectic for me in the last week, having to drive up to Boston and spend some quality time with my son plus I followed an extremely cruel case of cat abuse in the Philippines which I intend to blog about very soon. But let me first tell you about Michigan.

Did you know that approximately twelve animal shelters in that state still gas animals to death? Whoa, did we not put a man on the moon in 1969? Don't we now use little personal electronic gadgets to send and receive email on the go, to browse the web, and to give us directions to our destination via satellite? What happened in Michigan that they are still stuck with euthanasia via gas chamber? There's an oxymoron right there, but the government officials with superannuated thinking who are comfortable with superannuated technology are the ones we should be concerned about. Death via gas chamber means that dogs try to scratch their way out of the little enclosure, rolling and tumbling as their life is gassed out of them. Their cries for help are ignored as part of the process.

There is petition you can sign to get some Michigan animal shelters out of the stone age. You can find it here : . It also tells us about Michigan House Bill 4263, the Humane Euthanasia of Shelter Animals Act. Please sign the petition. It takes only two minutes of your time, but it can make a world of difference for a condemned animal. Learn some FACTS about the gassing of animals.

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