Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Danger of Dog Meat. Cat Meat. Philippines. Korea. China. Vietnam. Rabies Infection. Miserable Death.

We have long suspected it, and now we have proof of it. Preparing and eating dog and cat meat can be very harmful, even deadly, to humans.

Dr. Heiman Wertheim and colleagues from the National Institute of Infectious and Tropical Diseases and the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Hanoi, Viet Nam reported on two cases where rabies infection occurred not through bites but through the handling of infected animals and the consumption of their meat. Their REPORT was published in PLoS Medicine last month.

Roughly 30,000 people in Asia die every year from rabies infection. If you are ever infected with rabies, you will experience a state of agitation, suffer from severe spasms, become feverish, become afraid of water and unable to drink liquids. You will eventually die. You don't want to be in that picture. The animal rights group, It's Their Destiny , reported that China and Vietnam have increasing cases of rabies infection. Why not? It is said that the only thing with four legs that the Chinese won’t eat is the table. I have said it here before, China has no animal welfare laws. That is so outrageously backward when you consider that Chinese culture was so advanced that they wore silk at a time when the earliest Europeans were still in caves, wearing fur.

What does this mean for some Filipinos? It means to lay off the butchering and consumption of dogs and cats. You are not completely safe anymore, or never was, after all. Drop this inhumane practice. Stray animals are better fed than eaten. The dog or cat you butchered and ate can ultimately kill you. Sweet revenge, I'd say.

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AIR said...

God sent the 10 plagues of Egypt to convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites free.

God now sends the first plague warning of animal cruelty...We'd better keep a close eye on things from here on in.