Friday, April 24, 2009

Morning Coffee. Soy Milk. Measuring Animal Welfare in Odd Places.

My routine in the morning, right off the bed, is to turn on my laptop and check for emails that have come in overnight. And there's the weather forecast to check after which off I go into the shower. Walking the dog is the last thing I do at home before I leave for work, and the walk could take as long as thirty minutes depending on how soon my Fidelma can " deploy the troops. " I don't even think of coffee until I am almost at work, stopping at the Pret A Manger across the street for a medium sized cup, to go. Sipping hot coffee and surfing the web at my desk before the work day begins is probably the best time of the day for me. I am fresh, open-minded, and usually still unspoiled by the rudeness of other people in spite of the commute to work. That first cup of hot java goes a long way in defining the course of my attitude in the coming day. I hate paying for flat, watered down coffee and I hate it more if I had to drink it. Which brings me to the very point I'd like to make ---- the soy milk container at Pret A Manger is often empty. Just yesterday, as I poured the last ounces of soy milk into my cup, the next customer watched in frustration because she had to be the one to ask management for a refill. Listen, this is not a complaint. It is good that the soy milk dispenser at Pret is always near empty. You know what that means, do you?

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Vegan Good Life said...

That is good news that demand for soy milk is so high. Too bad Starbucks doesn't follow their lead and leave soy milk out. I'm sure more people would use it if it was out, vs. having to asking the barista for it.

Also, I asked for soy milk for our office refrigerator, and it's become quite popular among the non-vegans. I definitely encourage others to ask at their workplace for non-dairy options.