Monday, April 13, 2009

Philippines. Stray Dogs and Cats. Purina. PAWS. Posters on the Homeless.

Not too long ago, I featured two television ads that portrayed homeless dogs and cats in the Philippines. Homeless but not worthless, as they said. Those ads got people talking and thinking in the old country, and my blog certainly received many visits from web surfers who typed in " paws purina " as their search parameters. Purina, of course, is the company who joined forces with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society in this effort to enlighten the public on the plight of stray animals. Well, here are two posters that are part of that campaign:

If you haven't done so, click on the posters to enlarge them. These are very powerful, moving images and they are not stylistic nor abstract representations of stray animals. These images are accurate representations of the lives of stray animals. Situations like these will confront you not only in the Philippines but in many other countries. I recognize these scenes from my childhood, and they are happening as you read these lines. Those of you who have traveled abroad, or even locally, may have some experience with similar cases of deprivation.

The Tagalog header on the dog poster roughly translates into " An Excellent Guard Dog with No Home of His Own, " and the blurb below into, " If we don't help them, they'll end up making the streets their home. " As for the cat poster, it says, " Give Them a Home so They Can Live a Full Life. "

If you think life is tough on you, think again. There are sentient beings who have less than you have. This world is really tough on animals. Consider giving your time, effort, or money to help the homeless. For those of you in the Philippines, take personal charge of a homeless and needy animal. The world will be a better place because of your compassion.

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Gale said...

My heart went out to the cat and dog in those posters. However, there are many of animals here in the USA that are homeless or wind up in shelters or pounds. Unfortunately, without enough homes they are sadly destroyed...

I was only able to rescue three that live with me now.