Friday, April 24, 2009

New York City. Protest the ACC Board of Directors. Sunday, April 26, 2009.

Cross-posting a message from the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network


Please join us as we voice our opposition to continuing the City contract with Animal Care & Control (ACC) unless the disinterested and inexperienced Board of Directors including Executive Director, Charlene Pedrolie are replaced with forward thinking, humane shelter professionals and animal rights advocates!Attention everyone who cares about the hideous numbers of animals being killed in our shelters.

Please sign the petition below so that we can put an end to AC&C's dismal record of mistakes and animals killed for want of a home. Send letters to the Board members (info below) protesting their failure to closely monitor and oversee what is happening in our shelters and for their failure to hire someone who can implement the mandate of a NO KILL NEW YORK!

New York City's taxpayers and the animals in our shelters deserve nothing but the best: experienced, concerned and compassionate leadership at the top along with workers who give a damn about the helpless animals in their care. We demand a re-structuring of AC&C with a board and director who truly reflect a NO KILL agenda! Enough is enough!


Sunday, April 26
On the Steps of City Hall
Noon to 2pm

Council Member Tony Avella will hold a press conference at that time.

Please bring your rescued dog with you if possible.
New York City Hall is located at the center of City Hall Park of Lower Manhattan between Broadway, Park Row and Chambers Street. In October of 07, the Board of Directors of ACC hired Charlene Pedrolie, a business woman with not a shred of shelter or medical experience to run ACC. The Board has inexplicitly stood by and watched as mass resignations of key personnel and firings of long term, dedicated employees and volunteers have decimated the ACC into the nearly unrecognizable entity it is today.

Despite recent ACC press releases claiming that euthanasia is down, the fact is, the ACC is contracted to kill animals and is also responsible for finding homes for them. This conflict of interest has resulted in the dishonest reclassification of countless thousands of animals from adoptable to unadoptable for reasons of sickness and temperament. More often then not sickness overtakes the animals in a matter of days and sometimes hours (Strep Zoo Oubreak) as they wait in unsanitary conditions. Witnesses have watched as Temper Tests are deliberately set up to fail terrified animals.

Inexperienced, uncaring and untrained ACC staff bungling has resulted in an avalanche of documentation to the office of Council Member Tony Avella. E-mails and phone calls have outlined the worst cases of accidental death, negligence and abuse. Just last week Mr. Avella announced his office is seeking to obtain all records regarding euthanizations, length of stay for animals brought into ACC, physical examination, as well as records concerning owner notification. This was in response to the case of Angel the Collie who was illegally euthanized a mere 4 hours after admittance into the system despite a 72 hour stray hold mandated by New York City law.

A number of ways exist to improve New York City's animal control system.

Read more from the NYC Bar Association Committee on Legal Issues Pertaining to Animals.

The AC&C contract is up on June 30, 2009. We believe this leaves plenty of time to search for people who are fit for the job.

Laurie BleierDirector Brooklyn Animal Foster Network
Who to call and email:
Thomas Frieden, M.D.Commissioner NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygene who runs 212-788-5261Work fax: 212-964-0472

From the Board of Directors of NYCACC
Bruce Doniger Hedgefund TREASURER 212 888-5151
Mayor Mike Bloomberg
Petition to remove the Board of Directors of Animal Care & Control

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