Sunday, July 13, 2008

Northern New Jersey. Bloomingdale. Dogs for Adoption. Cloye and Pups.

Here's a family that needs to be adopted! Well, you can adopt the individual dogs but right now they are a family. Cloye is the mother, and a very good mother at that. She's nursed her puppies for the last six weeks, and the puppies should be adoptable by next week. The white pup, I found, is the most playful while one of them has one blue eye. But they are all loveable and happy little dogs. Cloye is friendly and understanding. She watched us clean up her pups without any aggression towards us, as if she understands that we are there to help. They have been at the shelter, at this point, about three weeks now. We think that Cloye is an Australian cattle dog, but her pups don't seem to have taken on much of her features. Cloye has no issues and she is easy to walk. Please come to the shelter and take a serious look at them.

UPDATE: Cloye adopted Aug. 24, 2008. All the puppies have also been adopted earlier.

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