Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New York City. Horse-Drawn Carriages. Animal Cruelty. A False New York City Symbol.

Here's a good report by an NYU student on the problem of New York City's horse-drawn carriages. Yes, I said Problem. A good point was raised here, will New York City cease to be a great tourist destination if the horse-drawn carriages were eliminated? You know the answer to that. To which, I raise my own parallel point: does a ride on an NYC horse-drawn carriage figure prominently in the plans of tourists coming to New York? I don't think so. If anything else, I think it comes only as a second thought. So, why don't we get rid of this inhumane business? I mean, eliminating horse-drawn carriages isn't like closing down the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Public Library or the Empire State Building, is it? I've lived five years of my life in the city, and I have worked on Fifth Avenue for nearly thirty years now. I have never ridden on a horse-drawn carriage, never had the desire even when I wasn't an animal rights activist, nor do I consider them representative of my city.

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Mary Alice said...

Great post, thanks for pointing this out. Animal cruelty is never entertaining.