Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hawaii. Pearl Harbor. USS Missouri. June 2008.

In anticipation of the Fourth of July celebrations, I am presenting some photos of the USS Missouri, now on permanent exhibit at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. I believed it ended its service to the country in 1992 when it sailed into the harbor and docked not too far from the USS Arizona Memorial. Its sister ship, by the way, is the USS New Jersey which is now docked somewhere in the City of Brotherly Love ( I expect you to know what city that is ). Anyway, this is one magnificent ship. On the starboard side, towards the second gun turret, you'll find a plaque marking the spot where the Japanese finally surrendered to the Americans, ending the war in the Pacific. You've seen that photo before somewhere, haven't you? That took place on this ship in Tokyo Bay. You'll take more than an hour to go through this ship, up and down steep ladders, through open hatches, making your way through a labyrinth of officers' mess halls and quarters. Towards the end of its service, this ship was equipped with Tomahawk missiles. Those would have been instant game-winning weapons during the Second World War, but we can't take the present back into the past. Time Tunnel, where are you? Would you believe that the USS Missouri was built in New York City? Yup, she was put together in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1941. Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

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