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New Jersey. Bear Hunt. Ali Kazemian. New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance. Protest. July 19, 2008.

Once again, we hear about the dedicated spirit and heroic sacrifices of animal lovers in our state of New Jersey. Ali Kazemian has gone to prison for his principles, a rare occurance nowadays i must say. It's not easy to find a stand-up-and-be-counted guy like Ali Kazemian. In my opinion, he has earned our respect and support. I have not met him personally although we belong to the same group, NJARA. I do hope that one day I will have the pleasure and honor of meeting this man. I think in the short run those who oppose him will have a say in this world, several moments of importance, but in the long run it will be Ali Kazemian who will be remembered and cherished. A true friend of New Jersey bears. Here is a recent report from NJARA:

HISTORY: In July of 2007, bear activist, Ali Kazemian was arrested on public property for pouring urine in the street to stop bears from coming into a neighborhood where a bear trap was set on a homeowner's property. This trap was laced with all sorts of attractants and the entire property was sprayed with anise (a powerful bear attractant) for over a month to attract bears to this particular residence, which is across the street from Ali's house. No bears were caught on this property despite these intense efforts. The homeowners are working with the Division of Fish and Wildlife to get a bear hunt.

UPDATE: After pleading guilty to resisting arrest in a plea agreement with the Vernon court and fully cooperating with the court, Ali was given a 30-day jail sentence, probation and fines. He appealed this harsh sentence to Superior Court and on Friday, July 11, he lost the appeal after Judge Comforti upheld the Vernon sentence without the probation. He was taken to Sussex County jail immediately to begin his sentence. He will be released on August 3.We are asking everyone to take time out of their schedule to protest this outrageous sentence and show support for Ali.

PROTEST: Saturday, July 19, 200810:30am - 12:30 pm43-47 High StreetNewton, NJ 07860

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE PARKING DECK ATTACHED TO THE COURT HOUSE! You must find legal access to parking in Newton. Newton provides parking info here: Bring signs that express your concern about the harsh sentence, Judge Comforti's ruling, jail solidarity, freeing Ali, etc.

SEND LETTERS: Write to Ali to let him know that we support him, recognize the insanity of the judicial system, and acknowledge his deeds as heroic efforts to attempt to save bears' lives. Please keep your letters polite as they will be read by the authorities. Inmate Albert Kazemian CN 10034 KDCF41 High StreetNewton, NJ 07860

MAKE CALLS TO PROTEST JUDGE COMFORTI'S DECISION: (Please be polite, but firm.)Ali is a kind and gentle man, whose boundless compassion for bears made him act on their behalf. Call: Judge Bozonelis (Comforti's assignment Judge)973-656-4020

MORE YOU CAN DO FOR ALI: If you'd like to send Commissary funds: Money Orders only made out to Albert Kazemian, CN10034 and mailed to:KDCF41 High Street Newton, NJ 07860Books and magazines can only be sent by the publisher. They can be sent to:

Inmate Albert Kazemian, CN10034KDCF41 High Street Newton, NJ 07860

Please note that many publishers NO LONGER send books or magazines to jails. Check before ordering.For more information, please write to me at
Angi MetlerNew Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA) PO Box 174 Englishtown NJ 07726 732/446-6808 Fax: 732/446-0227

New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance is NJ's only statewide animal rights organization. NJARA has been advancing the rights of animals for 25 years through advocacy, public education and legislation.

Visit us at


Anonymous said…
Let me give you a little info from an activist who lives by Ali and knows what's really going on. Ali and many of his bear group member friends live in a small cluster where they all have fed wild bears for years. Not only domesticating and taming these poor animals (imprinting), but feeding constantly. Now these bears are unafraid of humans and entering homes, approaching humans, etc... A fed bear is a dead bear. Ali is guilty of feeding as are many of the members of the bear group. How do I know this? I've seen them.

The bears are now out of control and have been in Lake Wanda. Ali trespassed and had no right to do what he did. He and others have ruined the bear group with their sick radical unlawful behavior and it shows. No one takes the group seriously now and many members have left in disgust.

Many ex members of the bear group and the public won't be at that protest. Metler, like other unstable radicals in the bear group, continue to lie and defend those who deserve what they get and lie for them. She also refuses to put blame where it should be placed which is on those who have, for years, ruined the wild nature of these beautiful creatures with their selfish behavior.

You can expect a bear hunt soon thanks to the cover up, lies, blame, and insane behavior of many of the members of B.E.A.R. Who pays for these stupid humans? The bears.

May Susan Kehoe be stopped as well for she's more responsible for bears being killed and orphaned in Lake Wanda than anyone. I can't even sign my name on this post due to her unstable behavior and attacks. May she get what she deserves.

Please help stop the feeding and abuse of bears in Lake Wanda by posting the truth. Save the bears by stopping the support of those that feed and ruin wildlife.
BornKind said…
Ali does not feed the bears. Lies cannot take away this man's heroic actions. Also, Ali paid his debt to society by doing jail time for something that should have been dismissed. Get over it.

There are many people in Lake Wanda who continue to attract bears to this neighborhood by refusing to take care of their garbage, grills, bird feeders. If bears were truly dangerous, these people would take care of their attractants or move out of the area.

The Bear Group has a stellar reputation. When a group is successful in stopping many hunts, the few people who wanted these hunts will stop at nothing to try to destroy the reputation of the group and its members.

Every bear who is killed in Lake Wanda will be replaced by another coming in. Until we all take care of our attractants, the bears will continue to eat garbage.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife are out of control and have been for a very long time. A lawsuit by NJARA and the Bear Group proved the 2005 bear hunt was illegal. When are they going to jail?
Anonymous said…
I am sick and tired of hearing about these sick demented people that care more about bears than children.
Anonymous said…
I live in florida and to keep the bears out of my trash can I put my cat litter on top. Works well!!

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