Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brooklyn, New York. In Our Hands Rescue. Help Needed. Help those who Help.

There's an animal rescue group in Brooklyn, New York who needs some help. They've purchased a vehicle to use in their rescue work, and now there is a call to help them with some bills like car insurance. Their logic is simple: they can't rescue the needy animals if they can't get to them. They rescue animals from euthanasia lists, and they take in all animals including the sick ones. I have already sent in my humble donation, and maybe you can help them too. They do good work for the animals, and animal lovers who can't themselves help the animals directly should help those who can. In Our Hands Rescue is based at 373 92nd Street, Brooklyn, NY with a phone number of 718.836.4023. Here is their Petfinder webpage:

And their donation page is here:

As you can see, they are nearing their goal of $2,000.

And here is their Myspace website:

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