Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Jersey. Legislature. Bills Against Animal Cruelty. July 2008.

Attention New Jerseyites...Now hear this...there are three bills in the New Jersey legislature meant to make life better for both animals and children in the state. American Humane would like us to take action in support of these bills by sending an email to our respective state representatives.

The first bill is Senate Bill 1989/Assembly Bill 2981. This bill would establish animal hoarding as a criminal and civil animal cruelty offense. Think a yard full of animals, and the owner doesn't give a hoot about them.

The Second bill is Assembly Bill 2668. This bill would require veterinarians to report animal cruelty and police officers to investigate possible domestic violence associated with animal cruelty reports. I think the spirit of this bill is good, but I wonder if this could deter some people from bringing in their animals for treatment. Maybe they were, indeed, cruel but they had a change of heart and now they'd be afraid to seek help from a vet. Or, maybe, you're a good samaritan and you'd like to bring in an abuse animal, but now you would have to consider being questioned by the police who may not be inclined to believe your true and compassionate story. Something to think about.

The third bill is Assembly Bill 2979/Senate Bill 1990. This bill would make it a felony to commit animal cruelty in the presence of a child. Acts of animal cruelty in front of a child could traumatize a child or they could encourage them towards animal cruelty. So, I think this one is unquestionably a good idea.

Please click on the links, and send in your formatted emails.

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