Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Philippines. Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Cats for Adoption. Rescued from the Highways.

Once again, like today, and many more times henceforth, we cross the seas to see what's happening with animal welfare in the Philippines. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), the beleaguered guardian of our common ideals in Filipino society, reported on two cat rescues that have happy endings. I have often referred to PAWS as the proverbial candle in the wind, the lone glitter of light and hope that the darkness will not overcome. They are like the Earth, a blue marble of life hanging precariously amidst the dark expanse of space. I find it quite paradoxical that in a country of devout catholics animal cruelty is rampant. It looks like the gospels aren't getting through to most people.

Shaun was discovered cowering along a narrow sidewalk in a tunnel. You can see from the photo how miserable his existence was before the rescue. Vehicular traffic could have ended his life at any moment. According to the PAWS report, they don't think that he just wandered into this dangerous situation. Someone left him there. Surprised? Fortunately, hawk-eyed volunteers from PAWS spotted Shaun, and took him to Vets In Practice where he received proper care. Shaun is expected to make a full recovery in a week or two.

Now, the other cat is named Joey. He was found marooned on one of those islands along a highway, tangled up among the bougainvillea branches. Rescuers had to cut they way through to him, and cut off the wire around his neck that someone thought would be a nice collar. As you can see from the photo, Joey is well now after three months and he is up for adoption like Shaun. If you are so inclined, please contact PAWS at philpaws@yahoo.com and tell them you are interested in the " Highway Cats. "

Shaun in the tunnel before rescue

Shaun in a box after rescue

Shaun at the Vets In Practice Clinic


P.S. Reading up some more on these rescues, I learned that both rescues were done by PAWS Director Anna Cabrera. God bless you, Anna. Always.

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air said...

Poor Shaun. He looks so loving. I'd fly over there and take him myself if I could. But, I'm awash in "kitties". Thanks for a happy ending story. I needed one today.