Monday, July 07, 2008

Northern New Jersey. Dog for Adoption. Jimbo. Mastiff.

Meet Jimbo. He's extra large, and so is his heart. Jimbo has no issues, and he is simply a good and sweet dog. Maybe his large size is a disadvantage, but there are people out there who prefer large dogs like Jimbo. As you can see, some bright individual fooled around with his ears and now poor Jimbo no longer has his ear flaps. The things people do to animals! Anyway, Jimbo is unfazed by it and his hearing has not been compromised. Jimbo walks nicely on a leash with no tug-of-war going on between him and the human. If you're looking for a gentle giant, Jimbo is the one. Please take a look at him at the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society in Bloomingdale, New Jersey. He'll be a great companion.
UPDATE: Jimbo adopted August 3, 2008!

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