Friday, October 10, 2008

Politics. Brigitte Bardot Blasts Sarah Palin. Bardot Not Kidding.

There are things that come easy, like disliking Sarah Palin. The ultra-conservative, animal-killing, anti-choice, enemy of the environment, fluffy bunny, and republican nominee for vice-president of the United States has earned the ire of former film superstar, fashion model, singer Brigitte Bardot. She's 74 now. I remember Madame Bardot, alright. Guys over fifty do remember her, no question bout that! She has become a staunch advocate of animal rights, and she has given us, by means of an open letter to Palin, more things to remember her by...

"I hope you lose these elections because that would be a victory for the world. "

Like you, Ms. Bardot, I hope so too.

"By denying the responsibility of man in global warming, by advocating gun rights and making statements that are disconcertingly stupid, you are a disgrace to women and you alone represent a terrible threat, a true environmental catastrophe."

I think I can go along with that...obviously referring to the delisting of polar bears from the endangered list, lifetime membership in NRA, opposition to choice, and those stupefying interviews with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric...okay, not bad, Ms. Bardot. This is true. Say it like it is, Ms. Bardot. I like your hard-hitting style, unlike those non-answers we've heard from the governor.

"This shows your total lack of responsibility, your inability to protect or simply respect animal life."

Okay, that's a reasonable conclusion. I have no problems with that...$150 bounty for every severed foreleg of a wolf, spending $400,000 to defeat a bill meant to stop aerial hunting of wolves, boasting of a freezer full of killed animals...Sarah Palin, you have no respect for life.

"I know them well and I can assure you that no pitbull, no dog, nor any other animal for that matter is as dangerous as you are."

Sarah Palin is, indeed, dangerous. The White House is no place for a Sarah Palin. McCain and Palin are not mavericks. Even the true Maverick family disowned these people. They are G.W. Bush's sidekicks, virtually his third term in office if elected.

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