Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PETA. Alicia Mayer. Pitches for the Animals.

Here's Filipina model Alicia Mayer urging us to give up meat and go vegetarian. Well, Alicia, I have been moving towards that for nearly a year now. As I have stated in one of my recent posts, I have totally given up meat, but I still eat seafood. I am inching, slowly but surely, towards an all-plant diet. I can't even look at the meat dish now without seeing the animal behind it.

It doesn't show on the ad but there is a not so very subtle hint at the PETA website that was aimed at men folk. Yeah, those macho men who think beef makes them big and manly: " No one wants a limp banana! "

Here's Alicia all wrapped up like the meat you buy at the grocery store. As the sign says, no one wants to be treated like a piece of meat. Have mercy on the farm animals. Live a healthier life. Give up Meat.

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