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Animal Rescue. Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Injured Dog. Reno in Cubao. October 2008.

Check out another memorable rescue by members of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. An alerting email was sent to PAWS about a wounded dog in Cubao, said to be lying underneath a parked vehicle, bleeding, presumably a stray, possibly near death. The director of PAWS sent out an APB to all members at large, calling for volunteers to do the rescue. Just like here in the USA, a call like that is tantamount to telling the bears where the berries are. They will come. Nothing gets an animal lover's blood to pulsate more than a cry for help. However, things are not as easy for an animal welfare society in Asia, this one propelled solely by donations and sheer volunteer spirit, to effect such rescues. Fuel, vehicles, liquid money don't come as easy to them as they do to us.

Not to be discouraged, on the night of October 3rd, intrepid volunteers Joe Claret and Daisy Medel set out to make the rescue. They found the dog on Real St., corner North Road, and they subsequently named him " Reno. " You can see from the photos how extensive Reno's injury was. It seemed that his snout was inflamed with two gaping holes on both sides of it. We can only guess what caused the injury, perhaps an act of cruelty or maybe it was a bad accident. We know that nature will heal itself, but sometimes she needs a little push either by the hand of God or a human---or both.

Joe and Daisy took Reno to the clinic of Dr. David Arceo, another blessed soul and champion of animal rights, where Reno is still undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. The initial prognosis was bleak, but as Joe said, " Let's all cross our fingers and hope for the best for our dear friend Reno, that he gets well and recovers soon. He deserves more in life and let us pray that he can get that chance to live it better and give us too, a chance, to make his life better. "

UPDATE : Oct. 22, 2008 Reno is doing well according to a text message from Dr. David Arceo. The doctor was amazed that a presumed blind eye is now viable seeing eye. Reno is now on the second cycle of chemo therapy and the lump ( on his snout?) is now smaller. Reno is still thin but he has been dewormed and exhibits a good apetite. He has less discharges and therefore, less odor.


Anonymous said…
God Bless The rescuers & the vet. More power to you. I really pity the state of Reno as seen in the pictures. It is surely a result of human cruelty on animals. I am also rescuing animals here in our place but the problem is that initially my father refused to spay the dogs. Just last week end, we rescued a small dog which for the past 2 weeks I have seen sleeping under the cars parked in front of the government hospital here.The dog was crusting & mange infested. I named him "40" to indicate the number of dogs we have here, rescued or not. hehehehe
Chessbuff said…
God bless you too. I suggest you publish your work and experiences online. Show the people that compassion does make for a better world. Your hands-on work is a great example. If you have a website already, I'd like to visit it.
air said…
I second Chess's comment. I would like to hear about your work too.

And prayers for Reno. Poor thing.
fortyone said…
Hi! What email address can I use to send an email to PAWS? please reply. Thank you.
Chessbuff said…
You can email PAWS at

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