Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New York City. Demo Against Horse-Drawn Carriages. Nov. 1, 2008. Bloomberg's Genteel Tradition.

And they thought things have come to a lull, the issue forgotten, and the uproar a matter of history. Not! As you can see from the announcement below, the spirit of protest is very much alive. How could it die out? Each day the horses pull carriages is a reminder not of how great our city is, but how cruel it can be. This is one New York City tradition ( Mayor Bloomberg's concept ) that must go. It's a tradition alright, one of pain and misery throughout the four seasons of the year when the mayor and city council members are snug and warm in their plush offices. Coffee, croissant? Go ahead while animals pull heavy loads for the sake of human entertainment.


Ban the Horse Carriages Demo

Location : Grand Army Plaza, 5th Ave, New York, NY 10001
When: November 1st 2008. Sat 7:00 PM

Please join NYC Animal Rights as we hold a peaceful demo against the horse carriage industry. We will hold signs and show a slide show of the abuse. More info to follow. We will be on Fifth Avenue and Central Park South. Thank you for your support.

The New York City Animal Rights Meetup Group

Please see below video clips of the cruelty.

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