Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dog Rescue. Philippine Animal Welfare Society. PAWS. Reno. Update on Condition.

Do you remember Reno, the dog saved by volunteers, Daisy Medel and Joe Claret, from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), the one rescued from under a parked vehicle in Cubao with the bloody snout? If not, click HERE to see the post I wrote about him.

What were slim chances of survival has turned into a promising recovery under the capable and caring hands of Dr. David Arceo. I've got some new photos to show you that will surely make you smile and be happy for Reno. These photos were taken on October 20, 2008.

Before you go, please note that PAWS cannot pay for the entire cost of Reno's treatment and neither can the good doctor cover the expenses without help from animal lovers like us. I have already sent in my donation, and I hope that you will too. Click on the Donate button on the sidebar to start the process. Thank you. Here are the photos:


air said...

What a beautiful boy. I'm so glad he got help.

adam said...

how's reno? how old is he?

Chessbuff said...

Adam, thanks for commenting. Reno is doing fine according to the director of PAWS. He was described as the nicest dog on the planet by one of the volunteers. He wags his tail when anybody approaches and wants always to be petted. Dr. Nielsen Donato did another surgery on Reno last month just to close up the small hole on his snout where the tumor used to be. Reno is estimated to be two years old. According to PAWS, Reno has a knack for unlatching doors to get out of his kennel. About twice or thrice a week, they would find him running around the PARC grounds. He's a good boy.

Anonymous said...

I so love PAWS!