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Jack Cafferty. Sarah Palin. The Dumbing of America.

Ok, by popular demand, my mailbox is overflowing with requests, banging on my door, cell phone ringing at 3am, people approaching me at the bus stop...she said, " drill babe drill " but you said " More Babe More. " Please leave me alone and don't threaten my dog!

Have you ever seen Jack Cafferty lose it? I mean, he was quite irritated on this video clip you are about to see. When Cafferty news casted on regular channels, back years ago, I thought he was very boring. He seemed stodgy and humorless, a wooden newscaster sporting an awkward haircut. Then, he disappeared and resurfaced on cable. Now, he's got things to say outside reading the news, and even a popular, well-visited blog of his own. Good for you, Mr. Cafferty. More power to you...

What got Jack Cafferty riled up was no other than Gov. Sarah Palin. Yes, she's the one who recently was found abusing her authority by putting undue pressure on a safety officer to fire her state trooper former brother-in-law. And Todd, the husband, got into the act too---a non-elected man and a non-official of the government of Alaska. God, this stinks to high heaven.

That aside, here is the video of Jack Cafferty and his disgust...


Anonymous said…
I'm living in a third world country that is just starting to develop economically - while most of my country men were poor - i was fortunate to be in a well off family and attended exclusive, westernised such i was exposed to a lot of American culture growing up and loved American music (thank you for 70's rock) hollywood movies and admired your innovators and industrial titans...America was heaven compared to the dump that was my country back then...and now it seems to me that a vast DUMB majority is taking over America...D-uh.."Obama uses big words that i cant understand'....D-uh 'Palin is a dumb stupid bimbo..lets make her VP'..D-uh 'fear mongering Republicans can always scare me silly and make me wet myself'...come on could you give us Bush for 8 years...he's not smart enough to be the head of some banana republic in Africa let alone the most powerful nation in the history of mankind??...YOU NEED SMART, INTELLECTUALLY SOUND PEOPLE TO LEAD country has been a shit hole mainly because we had Bush like buffoons leading us for decades..only now with decent, clever and brainy leaders have we emerged out of virtual hell....If McCain and (Shudder) Palin are elected America is finished and you're gonna take the rest of the world with you..have some mercy Americans..we need to live our lives like you ppl prior to Bush...when the Roman or Byzantine Empires failed..they didnt take the rest of the world with a globalised world..America will..(e.g Your Financial crisis)...wake up the right thing for your great countries and the worlds sake...dont make it 'O'er the land of the free
And the home of the DUMB

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