Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New York City. Brooklyn Animal Foster Network (BAFN). Appeal. October 2008.

The Brooklyn Animal foster Network has sent out an appeal for a laptop and/or wireless Card and account to help spread their mission online. I don't think that the laptop has to be top of the line. It won't be used for gaming purposes, but more towards publishing photos and text. So, if you have a spare laptop in your closet, now is the time to give it up for a great cause. Please call Laurie at 718 789-6865 if you can help out. So, think of the lapdog pictured above and then think laptop.

Like any other animal welfare group, BAFN's everyday supplies go quickly and therefore the supplies need to be replenish constantly. They cannot come and pick them up, and so please consider dropping them off. Again, you can call the number I listed above. The following is BAFN's wish list.

Leashes and collars
You and Your Van to transport
animals from foster homes to adoption events
Digital Cameras
Blankets, sheets and towels
DID WE SAY Blankets, sheets and towels
Cleaning and desinfection supplies
Pet cages/houses Dog/cat beds Cat Condos
Dog/cat food (Wheat and by product free)
Dog/cat toys
Litter and/or litter boxes
Vitamins, supplements, treats
Brushes, clippers
Shampoos, organic anti-flea soaps and shampoos
Puppy and/or kitten milk replacer (KMR)
Deparasitation products
Antibiotics Ointment for wounds
Antiseptics for wounds treatment
Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks
Metal Crates
Volunteer workers
Blankets, sheets and towels

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