Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dog Rescue. PAWS. Icy. A Chow from the Streets.

I love before and after photos especially if they showcase the gradual amelioration of miserable, marginalized, and unloved animals. The metamorphosis can be both heart-breaking and heart-warming. Those gut-wrenching photos speak of the sad truth about stray dogs. However, they also bring spiritual and emotional upliftment to see a homeless dog from the dregs, living in abject misery, transformed into a cuddly and healthy pet living at home. Compassion changes lives, and we should always be vigilant for opportunities to render assistance to those who need it.

Icy was one of those dogs who normally would have perished in the streets if not for the intervention of a compassionate human. We can learn about Icy's rescue from a very good source, her rescuer, Clarisse, a member of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) : " I was by the car outside Ice Monster when I was surprised to see a dog in the middle of the road in front of a car. She wouldn't budge from the front of the car so the driver bumped her a bit, hurting her and scaring her to death. She ran towards me howling and crying and went inside the shoe repair shop next to Ice Monster... The people at the shoe repair shop were stunned and a bit afraid of her. No one knew where she was from, though the people there were really nice and they just waited there patiently for us to capture her. We brought her to the vet and visited her everyday. "

You can mark Icy's salvation from that point on. That was October 2007. So, this month, Clarisse and family celebrated Icy's rescue one year ago. See for yourselves how individual actions make our world a better place:


air said...

"Compassion changes lives, and we should always be vigilant for opportunities to render assistance to those who need it."

Words to live by Chess. Thanks. It's a great quote.

sherwin said...

Wow. Clarisse deserves a medal for giving Icy that second chance at fluffiness (had to look up if the word exist)!

Chessbuff said...

Sherwin, her fluffiness is quite safe and contended now. Somehow, I feel relieved as well.

Chessbuff said...

Air, you can quote me on that when you write your book on aphorisms.