Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Two Dogs get Adopted from BASS. Northern New Jersey.

Last week, we saw two of our dogs go home! First, there's Mona. This jack russell terrier mix is about knee-high with two wonderful black eyes. See the photo, and you'd know what I mean. I remember Mona as someone who didn't like going back to her kennel after a walk. She'd put on the brakes with all fours. She also loves her toys. There were several toys in her small kennel and those kept her busy. Mona had a bit of a skin problem on her back, but nothing incurable. Then, there's Kado. He's a Shiba Inu mix who also had a bit of a skin/fur problem, but his spirit is strong. Kado's ears are always upright and he looks like he's always on alert mode. He's got this nice golden hue to him, and he's very people friendly. I am glad that these dogs have found their forever home. The shelter has gotten word that they are settling in pretty well in their new homes. Woof!

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