Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hunted Bear. New Jersey. Unsecured Garbage the Culprit. Fish and Wildlife.

Here's an email I received from the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance concerning a bear being hunted at the present time although no one can identify it beyond doubt. This is a mindless and reckless hunt by the Fish and Wildlife (NJ) because any other bear could be shot and killed. Here's the email:

Calls are needed to stop the imminent killing of a black bear in Highland Lakes.

Recently, a black bear, attracted by huge amounts of unsecured garbage, broke into the house of a Highland Lakes resident. The man was not harmed but the bear was shot at the other night as he was was running away. It's uncertain whether the bear was hit or not.Today (4/24), Fish & Wildlife has a lynch mob out for this bear. They are combing the woods and streets and even enlisting local residents to find, and ultimately kill this bear. The bear will not be properly identified (not that we want any bear to be shot), so they are likely going to shoot the first bear they see and claim that the problem is solved. It's interesting that F&W chose today to do this, not yesterday or the day before, as today is garbage day, so it's likely they will see bears.It is INSANE that the bears keep on paying for human irresponsibility. Unsecured garbage is THE #1 cause of human/bear interactions.

We have a LAW requiring residents to make provisions to contain their garbage.

It was enacted years ago and is STILL not being adequately enforced. Please call the following and demand that the state enforce the law and get people to clean up their garbage once and for all and that this bear be aversively conditioned (he was already running away!), not killed.

DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson: 609-292-2885

You can also call the DEP hotline: 1-877-WARNDEP (1-877-927-6337) (This is a toll-free telephone hotline established to report environmental incidents, abuses and complaints in New Jersey or impacting it.)

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