Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lisa Ling on Puppy Mills

I couldn't watched Lisa Ling's investigative report on puppy mills for Oprah's show because I was at work, but ABC news did a short piece on the investigation and here it is :

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Anonymous said...

Yes but did you know that Oprah herself bought her 3 dogs at a Puppy Mill in California, a year ago? She has been asked to do this puppy mills story for over 5 years and finally she did one.
But at the cost of gassing up her private jet to go to California to buy a dog, ends up with 3 ( no responsible pet breeder would sell 3 dogs to a person)...and what to save a few bucks? Oprah claims she is a changed woman but the place she bought these dogs was a dump....shouldn't she have known better? Are there no dog breeders in Chicago? She needs to atone for her donating big to animal shelters of America.