Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reklamo. Rock Group. Joins Animal Advocacy. Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

Filipino rock band Reklamo ( translates to " complaint " in English) has joined the fight against animal cruelty in the Philippines through their music. Their song, Katas ni Ungas, deals specifically on the mistreatment of dogs by their owners, and written for the benefit of Philippine Animal Welfare Society . In a country that still needs to get out of the pre-Cambrian as far as animal welfare is concerned, this group's advocacy is a huge shot in the arm. Previously, this group lamented through their music the laziness of people, piracy, road rage, and environmental harm. Stunning, a rock group that exhibits a good level of social consciousness! The group consists of LC de Leon (vocals and guitars), Mig Dayanghirang (bass), Ciro de Leon (drums) and band manager Amy Rosalyn, all self-proclaimed dog-lovers. Now, the cause of animal welfare in the Philippines stretches from open-air demonstrations, the blogosphere, and government offices to bars/cafes and music halls where hoi polloi might be more willing to listen and retain the message through the magic of music. Reklamo will be representing the Philippines in the World Battle of the Bands (WBOB) to be held in Singapore in 2008.
How much of an animal lover is this group? Well, the group reportedly stores dog food in their cars, feeding strays as they come across them.
Good show guys and girl! I wish you the best in your careers. God bless you.

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