Friday, April 04, 2008

Congo Goes Home. His Life Spared. Judge Annich Overruled. Animal Lovers Rejoice.

Reason has triumphed over intolerance, or perhaps even ignorance! Congo goes home for good. The final decision put municipal Judge Russell Annich in the doghouse, one who ordered that Congo be put to death late last year. Judge Annich decided that Congo was a vicious dog, a threat to society, and only an appeal to a higher court by Congo's family kept him from death. Congo's triumph is all over the news, and so I will not repeat the specifics of the case and decision. Let's just be happy that through publicity, public outcry, and appeals via email and telephone may have helped shine a brighter light on Congo's case. He will never know the extent of support he received from animal lovers, but that does not really matter for him. He is blissfuly ignorant of the nasty and often unforgiving legalities of the human world. He just wants to go and stay home. Well, he has come out of the woods alive, and I wish him a wonderful life from here on. Not all dogs are as fortunate as Congo. You can view a newspaper report and public comments HERE .

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