Saturday, April 05, 2008

Senator Kent Williams. South Carolina. No Friend of Animals.

State Senator Kent Williams, pictured here trying to look distinguished and honorable, is no friend of animals. What else can you say about a man who dumped a very pregnant German Shepherd at a high-kill animal shelter because he does not want to deal with her anymore? Heartless, irresponsible, inhumane...I think these are all appropriate labels for the Senator's action. Actually, Senator Kent Williams rang the local animal control center on March 18th to have them pick up the dog. No way would this Senator be inconvenienced by bringing the dog himself to the shelter. Are you kidding me? He's an important man. On Easter Sunday, in case the Senator is concerned, the dog gave birth to eight puppies at the shelter. Fortunately, a decent human step forward and fostered the dog and her puppies. The dogs, the Senator would be pleased to know, are no longer on death row. Don't worry, Senator. They'll take care of it for you. The fostering will not entail any expenses in time and money on your part. Just concentrate on your re-election which no doubt you feel entitled to. This dog business is just another misunderstanding.

But, what do you know? The good Senator had the heart to reply to an email sent to his office by a fellow animal lover. Here it is:

“The following statement has been released to the media.

“Growing up on the family farm, I developed a love and respect for animals at a very young age that has stayed with me throughout my life. As a result I have adopted four dogs during my life, all of whom have been attended to and provided for with the utmost care. My German Shepherd was given to the local shelter for her own safety, with the knowledge that I would reclaim her if no one else did. Any suggestion to the contrary is a complete and utter falsehood.”

Kent Williams
Senate District 30″

Absolutely, Kent. Who do they think they are? A Senator and a self-proclaimed animal lover like you surely knows that one can't reclaim any dog surrendered to a shelter. And, giving up a dog to a high-kill shelter for its own safety is perfectlly understandable, Sir. It's like throwing a child to a python and insisting that it will be safe there. But, let's pretend I didn't say that. I believe that you are a greatly misunderstood man.

Oh, by the way...

Here's a comment on the web, spotted by our eagle-eyed friend Deanna from For the Love of the Dog, that says more about the good Senator; she found the comment on Fitsnews:

" 24. AngieLuvsAnimals - April 3, 2008
I assure you this is all true. I called the office myself and confirmed it before it got on the internet. The info is public. Kent williams address was on the surrender form that is placed on a clip board on the caged cell of death. I know I worked there almost two years. My name is Angie. I used to work at the shelter. When I worked at the shlter, Kent Williams came in and aasked me to look for a smart lab. A few weeks alter a beautiful black lab came into the shelter. She was a great fence climber, so I could not keep this dog inside. I called Kent Williams and told him about the dog. He said he had to have her and he then adopted without paying an adoption fee for her. He did have her taken to the vet by his right hand man, best friend , animal control officer buddy Donald Fling. He did have that one spayed at least. Kent knew she had heart worms and Kent promised me there was no way she could escape his fence. The dog kept getting out and he or Donald Fling would call me to tell me to go get the dog. Donald Fling was the animal control officer not me, but I went and got the dog anyway in personal vehicle. Finally after Kent had not came back for the dog I gave him a call and asked if he was coming back for the blkack lab, he said he did not care for or have time for that dog to put her to sleep or what ever, he did not have time to deal with her anymore. I then called the vet to find out what had been done with her so I could find rescue for her. I then found out from the vet that she had tested positive for heartworms and Kent had never brought her back for her heart worm treatment. I called Kent back and told him about the heart worms and he said the dog is not his problem and do not bother him with it again. So some great kids in the county raised over $300 for her heart worm treatment and we found a great rescue for her. So, you see this lack of interest for animal life is not an iscolated case. This is the way Kent is. Why have an animal if you could care less about them. "

What a guy! It must be a pleasure to meet you.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so he gave the dog back and then there were nine. If he can't care for the dog and the pups, I truly don't believe he gave the dog back to be killed. I thank God for the person who love dogs and gave the dogs a home. Thank you very much.Now the dogs have a home, now let this man, the Senator go on with his life. I see so many people,ederly, children and they are mistreated, don't have a home to live in, no food on the table, can't buy meds and we don't seem to take this kind of care for humans. What is this world coming to. We have people suffering, and who cares. I love dogs and I love people even more, please somebody help. In my line of duty I see a lot of things going on that are not right, but you know,some of these are people who have given of themselves all of their lives and now the tables have turned and they are down. And yes I know there are programs out there to help, but when you are told you got to be blind to get help. Come on America. Senator I feel you did the right thing to give the dog back to find a family to love her and not to be killed. But before you go out and get another dog be sure you can care for it. You know you are a very busy man and you don't have time for dogs,leave them were they are. and maybe a loving family will adopt. You have done a good job in District 30,keep up the good work. Don't let the dogs cost you your senate seat. may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for every one involved.
The shelter people who actually thought they gave a good man a great god only to find he was not fit to have the responsibility to Own a Dog let lone take care of it and I feel SO BAD For South Carolina who have to deal with someone as a senator that can surely not have the responsibility to help run their Great state. I hope your all understanding if he can not handle 1 dog How the heck can he handle running your state ?