Friday, December 21, 2007

Now, It's Bel Air. Cats Trapped and Starved...

In my previous post, you heard about the cold-blooded murder of caged cats in DasMarinas Village ( they were recovering from spay/neuter procedures). Now, Bel Air has come up with their own rendition of that now very familiar song, " Animal Cruelty, You're always on My Mind."

It seems that the local barangay government set traps to capture six stray cats in the neighborhood. Having succeeded, barangay officials left the trapped cats in their cages for four days with no food and water. Take note, I didn't say FORGOT. Fortunately, some concerned citizens together with Vets In Practice arrived at Bel Air to provide what has become a very rare commodity, mercy. True to their mission, Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) worked out a compromise with the barangay officials in Bel Air. Yup, that's like a seeing-eye dog leading the blind.

You can follow the rest of the story at the forum of the Animal Welfare Coalition (AWC). Click HERE . Caution, disturbing photos at the site.

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