Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dogs & Cats for Adoption at PAWS Shelter

Just a reminder to those who are looking for loyal, lifetime companions...The Philippine Animal Welfare Society has cats and dogs for adoption. They come in all sizes and colors. They are waiting and hoping to meet their new Mom and Dad, to live in their permanent home where they are part of the family. These animals have had a tough start in life, but that is not indicative of their personal worth. As you already know, the love that cats and dogs give to their family is unconditional. They don't know how to pretend. Everything is sincere with them. Go ahead and make a big difference in their lives and in yours. Pictured above is Jasmine, the longest-staying resident of the shelter. The cutie on the right is 1-2-3. Photos by Sherwin of me.find.home.

Go HERE to begin the process.


jassie said...

i really would love to adopt a pet from PAWS.. sad though co'z davao city is quite far away from where these animals can be fetched.. but really love to have one.. *sigh*

Chessbuff said...

Jassie, I don't think distance is a problem. I am almost sure PAWS has adopted animals to the outer provinces. Check with them anyway.