Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dog Meat Trade Rescue, Adonis, Sends His Love and Thanks to All...

“My name is Adonis. When I was in PAWS shelter, I heard the volunteers say that I was the sweetest dog there. Today, as I survey my new turf — the garden owned by my new human Rhea Orpilla — I realize I am one lucky doggie. Rhea has a puppy named RJ, who is now my constant canine companion and playmate."

“I still find it hard to believe that I am actually here, ready to spend my first Christmas with a family who loves me. Several months ago, I thought I was a goner. I really did. I was crammed with 100 other dogs in a small van. When they opened the van, some of the dogs that were in the cage with me were already dead due to suffocation."

“Kelly, the blonde lady from Humane Society International who was there when we were rescued, was one of the first people who offered me a kind pat on the head. She kept calling me ‘Brown-Brown’ and kept on saying I was ‘a good dog’ in a soothing voice. I really liked that Kelly. I felt somehow that her nice, soothing voice was a sign of better days to come."

“PAWS could only take in eight of us because they didn’t have any more space at their shelter. One of the PAWS officers who came cried buckets of tears when she had finally picked us eight. She kept looking at the 78 who were left behind at the Manila City Pound. We heard that some of them made it to another shelter — the John Hughes’ Dog Shelter in Naguilian."

“PAWS had a difficult time trying to keep us alive. We had all sorts of health problems, on top of the fact that we suffered from dehydration and malnutrition. Of the eight, only three of my friends now remain at the shelter: Hiyas, Makisig and Likha. I was the very first to be adopted. I hope my friends find their forever-homes, too."

“So forgive me, please, if I wag my tail too much or fold my ears in glee everytime someone calls out my name. Makisig used to give me some brotherly advice at the shelter: I should try to show a little restraint, he said. I can’t help it. Rhea and the many people like her at PAWS have restored my faith in humankind. Every day is a day of celebration: a chance to wag my tail freely and tell the world that I found a human who will try to love me as much as I love her."

“I am happy to be among friends — safe at last. Thanks to all of you who cared.”
Photos by Liza Umayam, taken before adoption.

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