Friday, December 07, 2007

Mikah, Champion Cat Stretcher and Yawner

Meet Mikah. She's the 2007 winner of the Stretch and Yawn category of the World's Coolest Cat and Dog Show conducted by Catster and Dogster. She's not in any pain in spite of the unnatural sleeping position. Evidently, this is how Mikah sleeps on a regular basis.
Mikah's luck changed for the better when her would-be mom was in Mandaue City in the Southern Philippines on a business trip. Mom stopped to pick up some bread, and saw a skinny and tired-looking stray. She offered the kitten some bread. As expected of a hard-up stray, Mikah readily consumed the manna from heaven. Right there and then, Mom decided to rescue her from her life in the streets. Because of her homelessness, Mikah was sickly and prone to diarrhea. In their early life together, Mom and Mikah found themselves at the vet's office several times. In time and through the constant care of her mom, Mikah got better.
Mikah's fortunate encounter with the kind-hearted lady isn't unique at all. Her mom looks after sixty cats and admits that Mikah is the sweetest cat of them all, often resting her head on her chest and shoulder. We don't know who is more fortunate, but we do know that love is abundant at Mikah's home.
From the very beginning, Mikah loved to sleep in her Mom's bedroom, assuming the pose you see above. It wasn't too long when Mikah had her very own kittens who are all grown ups now. Mom reported that Mikah wasn't remiss in her motherly obligations. As Mom continued to take in rescues, Mikah assumed the role of surrogate mom to those still too young to fend for themselves. Both Mom and Mikah now live in the southern Philippines in blissful harmony. A chance meeting that bore a wonderful fruit.
Please be kind to strays. They are God's children too.

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