Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dog with Two Hearts

Can you believe it? This Chihuahua was born in Japan earlier this year, and the breeder is keeping the dog.

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Kelly-Leigh said...

Hi my name is Kelly-Leigh

I support your animal rights activism totally, infact i have a blog that tells everyone about this in my country. I'm South African and unfortunatley we dont have a PETA here or anything like that.

So i decided to take it on myself. I started off with the basics and now i have over 100 members on my facebook group that links up with my blog.

I decided to comment on this picture as i have a chihauhau myself and it was basically her that i decided to start with all of this.I take this activism very seriously, i'm a full on Vegan!

My blog is called Spread The Word:
If you are interested, feel free to check it out -

I really hope that you carry on with this blog forever cause even if it reaches one person ( like me) you as a person in society have done your job:)

Keep on keeping on!

Kind regards