Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sandy. Pitbull. Sweetie. A Remembrance. July 2009.

I say good-bye to Sandy who was euthanized a week ago. Her failing health necessitated sending her to the bridge. Sandy's bout with diarrhea and vomiting seriously dehydrated her, and her medication did not stabilize her condition. If she lived, Sandy would have to take her medication for life. The doctor, a volunteer, and our president made the decision. She stayed with us for approximately five months. Someone adopted her but after a several weeks she was returned to the shelter. I remember Sandy when she was first brought in by our animal control officer. A lady found her loose on the road, somewhere in Ringwood, and she stopped to help Sandy. Supposedly, Sandy was seen tearing away at a possum, having lived in the woods on her own. Well, we loved her and I hope that made a difference in her eyes. Good girl, Sandy.


SwitSexyThing said...

i am sadden by this. god bless sandy. may she rest in peace.

air said...

Run free Sandy.

Anonymous said...

Good bye Sandy girl. I sure miss you and your big head. Behave like a lady now.