Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Newark. Lawsuit. Cancer Project Against Processed Meat Producers.

Just in the news today, a group in Newark, New Jersey called Cancer Project is suing Kraft Foods Inc. (makers of the Oscar Mayer brand), Sara Lee Corp., Nathan's Famous, and the manufacturers of Hebrew National and Sabrett brands. Cancer Project believes that processed meat is hazardous to our health and these products should carry warning labels like tobacco products. The law suit was filed at the Superior Court in Newark on behalf of three New Jersey residents who, I presume, developed cancerous growths from regular consumption of processed meat. It is widely accepted that processed meat is bad for us, that they can lead to greater susceptibility to colorectal and other forms of cancer. We know this from a report by the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Well, I think these companies are lucky that the lawsuit only requires them to put warning labels on their products. What if the lawsuit stipulated that the manufacturers knowingly put out products that have been clinically proven to be hazardous to our health? I reckon that the arguments presented here would parallel those made for and against the tobacco industry several years ago. Perhaps, the more costly lawsuits, in terms of punitive damages, will come in the near future. I was listening to a lawyer talk about the neccesity of punitive damages, and he argued that some people/companies learn and mend their ways only after they pay. Agreed.

Avoid the stuff. Live longer and healthier. Be more animal friendly.

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