Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Connecticut. Bird Rescue. Fourth of July Weekend.

The big Fourth of July weekend is over, and we go deeper into Summer. We've got the rest of July, August, and September to enjoy the warm weather. Whoever can stop Winter from arriving will get a hug and a kiss from me.

I was hiking in Woodbury, Connecticut last Friday, enjoying the nice breeze and warm sun, walking in a nice grassy area when I came upon a chick that obviously fell from its nest. I could have missed it except my dog picked up its presence and led me to it. Well, I have learned from my last experience to let fallen chicks alone unless you can put it back in the nest. I have also learned that wearing gloves will prevent our human scent from attaching to the chick which could be detrimental to the mother-chick relationship. So they say. Mother knows best, and she probably was waiting for us to leave so she can swoop down and feed her offspring. So, leaving it alone is the rescue. This one is considerably older than the one I tried to save last year. Good luck and may you enjoy many years of flying. Before moving on to greener pastures, I took photos:

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air said...

SWEET! I ran across a baby bird out of the nest. Momma and Daddy bird dived-bombed at me with a vengence. I had to run out of that field with alacrity.