Thursday, July 09, 2009

Metro Manila. PETA Asia-Pacific. Cat Rescue. Glorietta 4 Mall.

Curiosity killed the cat. Yes, we know of many examples except in this case where curiosity saved the cat, or kitten actually. A member of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society happened to be shopping at Shell Canvass, a well-known fabric store in Metro Manila, when she heard the plaintive cries of a kitten. Upon further inquiry, she learned that a kitten had somehow wormed her way between the walls and remained trapped for approximately five days already. Why so? Well, that's a matter of finger pointing between the staff of Shell Canvass and the Ayala Administration who manages the mall in which the store is located. A call was placed to PAWS who in turn requested help from Rochelle Regodon and Ashley, two local representatives of PETA Asia-Pacific. Well, they went over there and showed the folks that apathy and stasis can kill the cats too. In the end, the kitten was rescued and it is shown here in the caring arms of Ashley. The rescuers took the little angel to the PAWS shelter for immediate care and future adoption. Special thanks to the Ayala Administration for their cooperation.

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