Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Andover, NJ. Bear Encounter. Who scared Who?

Sorry, no photos for this one but it would have been nice. I've had encounters with bears before, but last Sunday's sighting was the closest. Quite surprisingly, this encounter with a bear didn't occur in an isolated path in the woods but in the parking lot of an antiques mall in Andover, New Jersey. Well, yeah, that part of the state is bear country and the local campgrounds warn people to secure their trash. Trash is almost always the only reason why a bear will venture out of the woods. Anyway, I was walking my dog along the perimeter of the parking lot when I looked to my right and saw the black bear walking towards us. In spite of its huge size, it didn't make any sounds and I could have walked right into the bear if I didn't look around. I reckon it didn't find much in the trash bin, and it was on its way to the next one. This bear's back, when on all fours, measured just about the top of a car's window. Well, as soon as I saw him ( I will presume he was a male ), we locked eyes and I started to back up with my dog in tow. Approximately seventy-five feet separated us. My " moonwalk " startled him, and he jumped into the bushes and ran into the woods. For his size, he was very quick. My dog never sensed his presence. That's my bear story.


Anonymous air said...

WOW! That's quite an experience. The last bear encounter I had was at Yellowstone. Came lopping into our camp site and ate our breakfast.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Chessbuff said...

you didn't store your food away? tsk tsk

6:24 PM  
Anonymous air said...

We were already at the picnic table EATING breakfast! After we scattered like sheep he climbed right up on the table and had a feast. Like, I really, really wanted to finish my bowl of Rice Krispies.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Chessbuff said...

" Move over, humans! I just spent the night roaming the wilderness and I deserve your breakfast. "

1:19 PM  

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