Tuesday, July 07, 2009

ARISE. Animal Experimentation. A New Blog. NJARA.

The New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA) informs us that a new blog dedicated to issues concerning the hideously cruel business of vivisection has gone online. It is called ARISE which is an acronym for Animal Replacements Innovate Scientific Experimentation. Stuart Chaifetz is Program Director, and he promises to write regularly. The man could become a permanent fixture at his keyboard considering that cruelty in animal experimentation can be measured in biblical proportions. It is a lot of ground to cover. So, let's give him our support by checking in regularly. An accompanying Facebook site can be found HERE. ARISE provides us with a very important and revealing quote on their post dated June 3rd:

Consider just one stark statistic: Today, nine out of 10 compounds developed in the lab fail in human studies. They fail, in large part because they behave differently in people than they did in animal or laboratory tests.” Andrew C. von Eschenbach, Acting Commissioner of Food and Drugs, Jan. 12, 2006

This is not the first time I have heard this claim. If we peel off the double-speak and the intentional vagueness that surrounds animal experimentation, we will find that it does nothing to assure us that the drugs or other products tested on animals are safe for us. The only reliable results are the ones done on living human tissue, and there are ALTERNATIVES to animal experimentation.

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