Friday, July 31, 2009

Michael Vick. Football Anathema. Bad News Dog.

" And the survey said... " Remember Family Feud? Well, anyway, Michael Vick, bankroller for a dog fighting business, is the most disliked person in American sports according to surveys conducted by E-Poll. Why not? Don't argue. He's earned it. Aside from shelling out the dough, Vicky participated in years of killing and torturing dogs who displeased him by their subpar performances in the pit. Punishment included electrocution and drowning. The commissioner of the National Football League, Robert Goodell, allowed Vick to re-enter the league but he can't play until the sixth week of the regular season and only the last two games of the pre-season. That is, if, a team is willing to take him in. The New York teams, Giants and Jets, have already declared Vick as persona non grata. He's in quite a dilemma. His status as anathema has turned him into a player without a team. If you were the general manager of an NFL team, would you be willing to shell out millions of dollars in salary and benefits for someone who is known more for his hideous abuse of animals than his on field performance? I think Vick, now that he has served his sentence, has a right to rebuild his life but that does not necessarily mean in the NFL. I reckon what the New York teams are saying is that Vick can't expect to shit in their hat and then expect them to wear it too.

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