Friday, February 20, 2009

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010. Canadian Seal Hunt. Stop the Killing.

Behold, the new logo for the Vancouver Winter Olympics---that is if the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee chooses to ignore the painful truth. Sorry, Canada, but some of your citizens choose to wage a war on seals, making an annual olympic sport out of killing hundreds of thousands of baby seals in the most horrific, brutal, and crude way. The killings have been described as " the anguish that a mother seal feels as she watches her baby being beaten to death just a few feet away from her is horrifying and can be heard in her desperate cries and seen in her attempts to get to her baby." Believe it or not, last year's hunt killed 205,000 seals for their fur. It's all business for some people, but for many people like us that's inhumane, brutal, and the killing of innocent living beings for the sake of fashion. Please express your objection to the annual Canadian seal hunt by sending a formatted email to the Vancouver Olympic Committee. It takes only a few seconds to help the seals.

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