Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oregon. Mink Liberated. Fur is Cruel. October 2008.

The Animal Liberation Front and other news agencies reported that in October 2008 1500 captive mink were liberated from a fur farm on Simonsen Road in Astoria, Oregon. This is the third time in 2008 in Oregon that innocent animals were given their natural right to freedom. The mink, obviously, were destined to be adornments for the apathetic, unscrupulous, misguided, status-seeking consumers. Strange how these people refer to these items as "my fur coat. " Well, it isn't their fur coat because humans don't grow fur. That fur coat belonged to an animal whose skin and fur were forcibly ripped off and the animal dumped on a heap, left to slow death, naked and unprotected. Only the barbarians will not be moved by the cruelty and suffering. You'll know who they are on the streets.

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