Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stella McCartney. Ethical Fashion Designer. Person of Conscience.

I was looking over some of my issues of PETA's AnimalTimes, and returned to the article about Stella McCartney. If you don't know her yet, she's a prolific fashion designer and the daughter of famous parents. They don't need any introduction, only that they've made this world a better place by raising a better person. Stella shares her parents' love and respect for animals. Unlike Armani and Karan, Stella refuses to use fur in any of her designs. Forgive me, Stella, for uttering those noxious names in the same breath. The only things I would buy from those labels would be a doormat with their names on it. This anti-fur policy stems from Stella's own personal conviction, not induced by bad publicity from animal rights groups. Here are some quotes from Stella McCartney:

" I, frankly, don't think most designers have the balls to watch animals' writhing and being slaughtered; they don't want to admit they're responsible for such suffering. "

" I was offered so many different labels to work with, but what I've seen done to cattle killed for their hides and to raccoons and mink and other animals made me say " no. "

" I grew up with two of the most ethical vegetarians in the world."

" What I find so bizarre is that some designers think they are so punk and rock when they use fur and leather, but there's nothing modern about it. "

" I sent the PETA video to every designer with an appeal to please stop using fur, at least, Karl Lagerfeld, rather predictably, felt he needed to return the video to me! Dolce & Gabbana were disgracefully rude about it too. "
Here is Stella McCartney's website:

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